How to get your audience’s attention?…from more than 35 experts, the answer is NOTHING NEW.

I came across a blog post from Tamar Weinberg that shared the responses from several “influencers” to the question “how do you recommend people grab your attention?” and after reading all of their answers (yes, I read all of them) my conclusion is NOTHING NEW. If I were to put all their comments in a pivot table in Excel (I am sorry, but I love spreadsheets) and look at the most common recommendations I’d get the same ones that everyone writes about. Check them out below.

However, this finding once again highlights the opportunity to leverage the powers of new media such as internet, social media, location-based technologies and mobile media.  The fact is that all these tools are nothing but data sources and channels to distribute more data, the uniqueness is on how you use them and the beauty is that data can be leveraged to create very targeted communications and interactions with other individuals. From a marketing stand point, we are getting closer and closer to really effective ways to communicate with potential customers, where we will be able to talk to each one of them in the terms that they like. We just need to wait until technology catches up with the how we manage relationships offline, the human brain can quickly recognize someone you know and create a mind frame to effectively communicate with that person, utilizing your common stories, friends, likes, etc. In the meantime we have to settle on the opportunities and limitations of hyper-segmentation tools and best practices.

Common recommendations to grab someone’s attention:

  • Be relevant
  • Be interesting
  • Be original
  • Be outrageous
  • Be direct
  • Don’t sell
  • Be short
  • Be precise
  • Give praise
  • Be helpful
  • Be tenacious
  • Be passionate
  • Be personal
  • And most importantly know someone they trust


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