One could say that only 7% of small business (<100 employees) have used social media to grow the business

Based on the analysis done over two contradictory studies about the use of social media for business purposes by small firms, posted on CNET, I would like to send a message to all small businesses – You must be among those in the 7% that are lading the new marketing revolution now, change is happening exponentially faster.  I was talking with a good friend last night, over at Love Shack, about the speed of change and how it is happening faster and faster on many aspects of live. This made me realize that probably the 7% will become 30% or 40% in a couple of years only if not faster.

The studies conducted by Citibank with research firm GFK Roper and Internet2Go with small-business networking site MerchantCircle look at different segments of small and medium firms. But as the research from Citibank (probably the most representative of the “average” small business) found out that 86 percent “say they have not used social-networking sites to get business advice or information,” the research from Internet2Go (based on a segment of small businesses that have already made leaps toward trying to become more social-media-savvy) found that 45 percent already use Facebook pages and 46 percent have either a business or personal presence on Twitter.  So combining these two findings I get to a number around 7% of small business that have used social media to grow the business.

One may question how I got to this number, but the importance of this is that there is still a window of opportunity for those small businesses that are innovative, ambitious and willing to take the risk that leaders do.


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