They are following you! and your friends know about it.

I am approaching this line of thought from big to small, probably not going small enough but let’s see.

The New York times published an article titled “Share the Moment and Spread the Wealth” where they talk about the importance of sharing content by leveraging influencers in social media platforms and how Internet sharing companies like AddThis and ShareThis have been growing lately. It concludes that this trend may cause friction on the Internet Industry as “search engine optimizer” firms like Google compete with these “social media optimizer” firms. And posts a question to discuss if and/or how people will share smaller bits of content. Also, I read an article in the last edition of Fast Company, titled “How much are you worth to Facebook?”, which talks about embracing  content sharing by giving incentives to people to share content, all this supported by technology like Lotame that helps you target influencers based on behavioral data.

I think that both articles are approaching it the wrong way and I don’t agree with their position for moral reasons. Human beings have personal relationships and professional relationships that many times overlap with each other, but there is alway one governing relationship when it comes to trust.  If the solution to monetize social media is by muddling the waters and introducing money to relationships based on trust and friendship, I think we are evolving against core values of a healthy society. But, who am I to say that?. However,  I think if that were to be the future or next evolution of social media and online social behavior we would face a world with closer and smaller networks built on trust and friendship, which will co-exist with in larger social networks. The tools exist today, Facebook has some if you want to tightly manage your social networks. The need exist today, it is just not massive yet. The question is then, what are we marketers going to do as we face tighter and tighter communities that find ways to protect themselves from marketing messages and advertising? I think the solutions must come from firms truly living their brands and their identity, where employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and other industry related groups pass the word, share the content.

The key is that the content must fit within their social activities – not easy for certain companies. I think that the ability to constantly produce content innovation that is  tied to brand values and that is real will help firms find and retain loyal customers/clients.

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2 thoughts on “They are following you! and your friends know about it.

  1. Bill Guschwan says:

    Could you give examples of this:
    The key is that the content must fit within their social activities – not easy for certain companies



    • JoseGuerra says:


      Thanks for your question. What that statement means is that these smaller communities will be based on professional or personal interests that will be more and more segmented. Today you find very well developed communities (or groups within larger communities) around broad interests, for example recruiting, software design, soccer, online games, etc. However, we have seen more and more the growth of more segmented communities such as IT recruiting in Dallas, or Adobe AIR design, etc. you get the point.

      So the challenge is that for companies in order to be able to reach these segments more effectively they will need to devote resources to create content and build relationships specifically for each of these communities. Which will combine unique set of social and/or professional interests..

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