Proud to be Chilean…Now I know why we have such great wines.

My last post was about a week ago…that is lazy. With so much going on I should be sharing my thoughts, learns and stories more often.

I have been networking and focusing on business development, well last night I met this guy from Colombia, Dario, an entrepreneur full of passion, ideas and energy. The conversation took us to talk about wine and I kept thinking about business opportunities related to Chilean wine and how they are leveraging new media and social media to market their wines to the US  consumers. Long story short, there are great opportunities there, but this morning I run into this video that makes me proud to be Chilean…and makes me hungry for “un asado con ensalada chilena” that I may just eat that tonight.


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One thought on “Proud to be Chilean…Now I know why we have such great wines.

  1. Maria Lia Torrealba says:

    Que buen enlace, es para estar orgullosos de ser chilenos, los paisajes y la naturaleza que tenemos son increibles y nuestros vinos mejor aun, nuestro clima maravilloso para nuestras parras,

    El valle de Casablanca en la V Region, ltenemos unas maravillosas viñas.
    Colchagua es otro lugar destacado por sus viñedos y mejor aun las viñedos de la region del Maule, principalmente en Curico.

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