Y.E. Yang -“…I might as well have the fun of my life”

It is a new week ahead of us and a lot of plans for it…The first one is to stop planning and get some real action – hard coding (Dwamian, not me) and hard selling.

I think it is going to be a week of many learns for me. I have always sustained the theory that to be a successful entrepreneur you must be a good sales man and I have never considered myself a sales person. I have never done it and never wanted to learned it, but I took the plunge into entrepreneurship knowing that I was going to face many challenges and unknowns. Well, here is the first one – Selling. Believe it or not, I am looking forward to it.

Y.E. Yang, the first Asian golf player to win a major, The PGA Championship, said yesterday after beating Tiget Woods “since I was playing with Tiger, I might as well have the fun of my life”.  Tom Watson, not the great golfer, but IBM’s founder and CEO between 1920 and 1950 said that “Nothing Happen Until a Sales Is Made”.

I am going to listen to the words of wisdom from Tom and the words of joy from Y.E Yang.  I am going to have the best time ever selling what I know will change the live of many people who have been waiting for too long…


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